The two new surface-mounted wall luminaires from WE-EF LIGHTING Australia/New Zealand, the VLS400 LED and SLS400 LED, which open up countless possibilities for creative façade design. With just one luminaire, a soft wall-wash effect can be achieved across the façade, while a symmetric light distribution can follow on the ground.

The luminaire positioning always follows the rhythm prescribed by the building's architecture. Surface-mounted wall luminaires with precise lighting characteristics are also suitable for accentuating the façade structures and textures, special render/plastering techniques, wooden cladding or natural stone surfaces.

While the VLS400 LED is rectangular in shape, the SLS400 LED has rounded edges. Both series are available in symmetric medium [M] and narrow-beam [E] lighting distributions, either as up or down, or combined up and down. A forward-throw, asymmetric [A60] light distribution completes the range. The following up and down light distribution combinations are offered as standard: [M/M], [E/E] and [E/M], and [E/A60]. The luminaires, either 6W or 12W, are optionally available with a 1–10V or DALI interface.