Golden Ring

Light up the perfection


Golden Ring is a series of perfect rings available in different diameters, of 80, 120, 180 and 300 centimeters. The three smaller sizes are ready to be installed; the biggest one is delivered in two semicircles and needs to be joined with few fastening elements before lighting up its charm. Golden Ring has a simple shape, but its true essence is in the core. All the versions are equipped with the top-notch technology DALI/PUSH DIMMING and issue both direct and indirect LED light, drawing perfect forms of light in the surrounding space. The standard colours are two, white and the elegant golden-leaf. However it is possible require other colours, in order to best decorate your location. Golden Ring’s high versatility makes it the perfect product to light any place, from a refined domestic setting to a dynamic workplace. It is also possible combine rings of different sizes in order to create your own composition and obtain the desired level of lumen.


Technical Diagrams

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