Design by Enzo Panzeri


Jackie is a whole family of LED lamps in die casting aluminium and available in four different colours – white, red, black and titanium. The family is a multi-faceted lighting solution, ranging from a rigorous and functional desk lamp, either with base or clamp, or an elegant and refined floor lamp, to an architectural object in its wall or ceiling spotlight version. In all these cases, however, Jackie always strikes for its extreme linear simplicity and the high architectural technical. The revolutionary innovation of Jackie is indeed its structure, characterised by extendible arms and a double junction system, which allows the head to be multiple oriented and to light every pot you want. A simple and minimal design obtained thanks to the miniaturisation of the elastic system, which is not in view, but it is hidden in the body of the structure. Jackie’s LED is a 8W board which permits an output of 600 lumen. A LED that turns on, dims and turns off with a delicate touch on the bottom side of the head of the lamp. It is a dimming sensor adjustable in four positions, so that you can obtain the perfect light in every moment.


Technical Diagrams

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