Silver Ring

Smaller, not inferior


Silver Ring is a perfect ring descending from the bigger Golden Ring family. Silver Ring, in fact, makes the strong points of the bigger brother its core essence, but in a more compact version. The diameters are 80, 120 and 180 centimeters and a height of only 8 cm – half of the Golden Ring’s one – that gives to the fixture a slender and willowy appeal. Silver Ring comes in the suspension version or in the freshly new wall/ceiling one, the result of an accurate study on the weights and provided with a mechanism that simplifies the installation. All the versions, however, are equipped with the LED technology DALI/push dimming and issue a direct light that perfectly draws forms of light in the room. The versatility of this product is such that it can be combined with other rings of different sizes – either from the same family or from the Golden Ring’s one. Silver Ring is the perfect choice to light up every room, thanks its coloration either in pure white or in golden leaf or in a custom color.


Technical Diagrams

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