22 September 2021
E-Line Next by Trilux


LED continuous line systems have enormous potential, e.g. in industry, retail, office and education. However, most systems are too inflexible. The result is compromised in terms of quality of light, energy efficiency, design, controllability and future safety. This is a challenge for lighting designers and architects, a risk for operators and a nuisance for users.


TRILUX has used 25 years of experience with continuous lines and radically upgraded the E-Line LED. With innovative technological possibilities for the market requirements of today and tomorrow. The result: E-Line Next LED. The modular system is uniquely versatile in its optics, lumen packages and lengths and covers two performance levels with one system. Pioneering in quality of light and energy efficiency (up to 190 lm/W), E-Line Next LED is the ideal solution for continuous line projects across all applications.


Three different module lengths, 737.5mm, 1475mm and 2212.5mm, make E-Line Next LED especially adaptable.


Guarantees extremely high planning accuracy. Thanks to 27 different luminous packages between 2,000 and 20,000 lumen.


From planar and shelf lighting to accentuation – the E-Line next provides the perfect light with 15 custom optics.


With the new E-Line Configurator, lighting designers and architects have an enormous bandwidth of variants under their control. 

Fast, simple, reliable planning: with the new E-Line Next configurator, entire continuous rows or individual luminaire inserts can be configured easily and conveniently. This significantly reduces the time required for planning lighting projects and potential sources of error. This saves time and nerves.



Perfectly illuminated aisles and shelves, an attractive checkout area and a high-quality ambience. With a colour rendering index of Ra > 90 and various application-specific optics and spotlights, E-Line Next LED offers unique flexibility with illumination and accentuation, e.g. with two double asymmetric optics for different aisle widths and heights.


The pioneering modular system: with 15 optics and luminous flux packages from 2,000 to 20,000 lm, E-Line Next LED can be adapted to any application with unique precision. Sophisticated lighting technologies mean that luminaire quantities can be reduced. Quality of light and energy efficiency (up to 190 lm/W) set new standards.


E-Line Next LED is the answer to a trend towards linear lighting systems in modern offices. With two different HCL-capable, VDU-compliant optics and spotlights as well as a colour rendering index of Ra > 90, the system ensures maximum visual comfort and employee well-being. Its attractive design is particularly well suited for example to office concepts with an industrial look.


See everything in a new light: E-Line Next LED is a real all-rounder thanks to various optics and spotlights. Whether shelf lighting in libraries, classrooms or for blackboard- or accent lighting, the modular system provides excellent quality of light for maximum visual comfort. This prevents eye fatigue and improves the ability to concentrate.




E-Line Fix

The trunking of the Fix system is equipped with fixed female connectors with spacing distances of 368.75 mm, 1,475 mm or 2,212.5 mm to each other. The 368.75 mm version has 7-core wiring, the versions with lengths 1,475 mm and 2,212.5 mm can be supplied with either 7 or 14 (7+7) wires.

E-Line Fix IP64

The IP64 variant additionally covers all applications with high safety requirements or harsh general conditions.

E-Line Flex

Flex trunking has continuous wiring, which allows the flexible positioning of modules. The power supply is available with either 7 or 11 wires so that emergency light modules can also be integrated.


Lens Optics

With nine specific light distributions, the lens optics of E-Line Next LED are the ideal choice for every application and guarantee maximum illumination efficiency at mounting heights of 2.5 m to 16 m. A further plus: the lens optics have an identical appearance independent of the respective light distribution, thus ensuring a uniform ceiling appearance, especially in the retail sector.

Opal Optics

The two opal optics of E-Line Next LED feature a slender design. The diffuse covers prevent the LED dots from being seen and are therefore ideal for retail, office and education areas with mounting heights of 2.5 m to 4 m.

Prismatic Optics

Four different prismatic optics ensure optimum visual comfort and maximum quality of light in a wide range of applications. From quality assurance in the automotive industry to computer workstations in the office and education sectors, E-Line Next LED ensures uniform light without visible LED points at mounting heights from 2.5 m to 12 m.


Emergency Lighting

Emergency light modules can simply be connected to the trunking of E-Line Next LED (module length 368.75 mm) via plug & play. Four different light distribution curves enable use in highly diverse applications.

Lightpanel G2 LED

The versatile Lightpanel G2 LED with its high quality and particularly energy-efficient light provides attractive general lighting and route guidance in the retail sector, and can be simply inserted into the E-Line Next LED trunking system (module length 737.5 mm).


The B.Veo spotlight (module length 368.75 mm) meets a wide range of requirements in the retail sector thanks to five different beam characteristics. With its wide selection of lumen packages (2,000 lm to 5,000 lm), the spotlight can be used at various mounting heights. In addition, nine different light colours provide the right light for any type of merchandise.



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