11 August 2021
Lighting For Car Parks

Tight parking spaces, hardly any room for steering, people and children moving between the vehicles and shopping carts everywhere – it’s often hectic in the car parks of supermarkets, shopping centres and retail stores. For this reason, the lighting solution must offer customers optimum safety, orientation and stop parking from becoming a daily source of annoyance and stress.

Whether pole-top luminaires for outdoor applications or weather-proof luminaires for indoor lighting: luminaires must have an outstanding quality of materials and workmanship that provide long-term reliability in challenging conditions.


High Energy

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Advance Control

Light Culture’s comprehensive product portfolio means that we are able to help our clients to illuminate car parks in an attractive and functional way, both inside and out with little effort. Furthermore, Light Culture can introduce partners who can realise government rebate schemes to dramatically reduce the cost of the project – in some instances, it’s even free!


Outdoor car parks require efficient, reliable exterior solutions with robust, weather-resistant post-top luminaires that ensure a high quality of light. New Australian Standards for exterior carparks mean that these luminaires must meet strict requirements for the illumination of parking spaces, crossings, and pedestrian faces. There are also new restrictions of the amount of discomfort glare created by the lighting systems.

Pole-top luminaires with precision reflectors are ideal for illuminating car parks. Single head luminaires on the long sides of the car park and double head luminaires in the centre of the car park are usually sufficient to ensure uniform light distribution and the required degree of illuminance.

The use of high quality reflectors ensures extremely high efficacies and a long lifetime with minimal degradation. The ability to source replacement parts for 20 years from the date of purchase means that this high quality solution is here to stay, even if it is subject to vandalism.


These luminaires belong to a group whose performance spectrum allows them to be implemented for all lighting applications in street, square and city illumination.

BEGA Koffer luminaires (box luminaires) have been an established design element in public areas for more than fifty years – a classic that we have updated in the new range of this series to meet the highest lighting requirements. The luminaires are DALI-controllable and available with two different light distributions.



Whilst often overlooked, the requirements for lighting in underground car parks are in fact extremely high. In addition to a raw climate with extreme temperatures, humidity and exhaust fumes, the architecture itself places high demands on the lighting technology with low ceiling heights, pillars, curves, niches and ramps. Added to this are special lighting areas such as payment zones. Our luminaire ranges are designed modularly, which means that luminous flux package, beam characteristics, glare control, protection rating and level of smart technology can be ideally adapted to the individual project and area of application. The result: ideally illuminated areas without glare or shadows.

Standard-compliant car park lighting guarantees safe orientation for users – but often does not achieve the desired feeling of safety. Our methods thus go far beyond the purely functional. Thanks to high quality standards at all levels – from materials and workmanship to quality of light and design – our solutions enhance the atmosphere in the car park and ensure a safe parking experience.



The Aragon combines the highest quality of light and efficiency. The use of a clear back allows it to illuminate the ceiling and create more spacious feeling environments, rather than only directing light onto the floor. High resistance ratings means the product can confidently withstand loads such as humidity, temperature extremes, dust and dirt. To achieve minimum energy consumption and maximum convenience the luminaires can be made to react to motion, wirelessly communicate with neighbouring fixtures, and adjust the light output to counteract the solution’s ‘Maintenance Factor’.


Car Park entries provide a difficult design challenge – provide high illuminance levels on the ground to assist the eye in transitioning from daylight, but with minimal depth due to restricted ceiling heights. The Mirona Fit LED is the answer, providing 13,000lm, 26,000lm or 52,000lm from a fixture which only takes up 135mm of depth.

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