19 May 2021
BEGA Metals & Finishes

For the metals and finishes on BEGA luminaires, the highest standards of material aesthetics, processing precision and surface protection are achieved through continuous development of quality standards. BEGA is able to achieve extreme resistance to corrosion through the most careful sealing of surfaces. The requirements they place on the resistance of our lacquers lies far above the usual industrial standards.

Outdoor luminaires · Colours and finishes

To achieve the best protection against corrosion, all components made of aluminium are pre-treated and passivated. The components are then powder-coated in BEGA’s standard colours of either graphite black and silver, with some luminaires also available in white. Custom-made products are also available in every other RAL and DB colour. Components made of stainless steel, copper and cast bronze are available in finishes suitable for the application. All BEGA luminaires go through a multi-stage preparation, finishing and curing process, which provides the most durable and corrosion-resistant finish available in the lighting industry today. What should you take away from this? Regardless of which powder is used, alloy preparation is critical to the longevity of the product.

Graphite Black



Stainless Steel

Electropolished Stainless Steel


Chemically Preaged Copper

Cast Bronze

Exterior luminaires · Unidure® and Tricoat®

BEGA Tricoat ®  is used particularly for in-ground luminaire made of aluminium and recessed wall luminaire which are very often subject to exposure to, particularly harsh conditions. In addition to the carefully coordinated inorganic and organic coating processed, special alloys are used. 

All other finished luminaires use the BEGA Unidure ® coating process. This is a unique and extremely weather-resistant power coating that meets the highest global standards for weathering and light stability. 

The coating technology used for each luminaire can be found in the data sheets, available on the BEGA website.

Quality above all

Whether baking in the sun or freezing in the cold, architectural outdoor luminaires endure some of the most rigorous, day-to-day durability challenges associated with the built environment. Selecting an exterior architectural finish that preserves the longest lifespan possible can be a daunting task. With BEGA Unidure®, a fluoropolymer technology, you now have peace of mind for decades. Luminaires achieve even more brilliant, long-lasting colors that look fresh and vivid year after year. The unique chemical structure improves corrosion resistance, ensuring a longer life than any other finish available today.

Surviving the elements

Aluminium has long been the construction material of choice for a wide variety of products, including architectural outdoor luminaires. These products must be protected against the elements in order to survive. Atmospheric corrosion from acid rain, marine environments, high alkaline soils, high heat, and humidity can all cause these items to fail. That is why all aluminium products require a protective coating. Topcoats formulated with fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resins – also known as fluoropolymer technology – maintain their bright colours for 20 years or more. As a result, luminaires can look as good as new for decades. Additionally, FEVE resins provide outstanding protection against UV radiation, oxidation, humidity, and corrosion.

Interior luminaires · Metals

In the production of BEGA’s luminaire parts made of metal, they use various metals, alloys and also cast metal parts, including aluminium, stainless steel or brass. With the focus of material choices being for its suitability for the application and appearance. Details of which materials are use to manufacture a particular product are provided in the product descriptions in the luminaire catalogue or in the instructions for use.

Stainless Steel



Interior luminaires · Finishes

Each metal is treated according to its properties, enabling the finishes to reflect the natural character of the metal. Luminaire parts with the following finishes are either manufactured from the respective material or they are electroplated. In view of the large number of individual parts, exact details of all the materials used cannot be given on each page. However, we will be glad to provide you with the exact material designations should this be important for a luminaire’s use.

Polished Aluminium

Polished Stainless Steel


Polished Brass

Matt Aluminium

Matt Stainless Steel

Matt Brass

Matt Copper

Interior luminaires · Enamels

Many luminaires are available not only with metallic finishes but also with lacquered metal finishes, e.g. in the colours white RAL 9010, light grey RAL 7035 or white, similar to RAL 9003. After these luminaire parts have been pre-treated, they are primed before receiving a high-quality enamel as top coat. Depending on the material used to manufacture the luminaire parts we can also supply the luminaires as custom-made products in other finishes and colours. For enquiries concerning colours, please refer to the RAL table.

Velvet White

White, similar to RAL 9003

Light grey, RAL 7035

White aluminium, RAL 9006


Polished gold

Polished silver

Glossy black

Velvet black

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