28 July 2021
Lighting for Specialised Industries

Dust, heat, cold, moisture, vibrations – the highest, but usually very different, requirements are placed on lighting in the industrial sector. The lighting solutions from TRILUX do justice to these applications.

The TRILUX portfolio includes systems for the highest hygiene requirements (food industry) or for particularly high-quality, absolutely glare-free light as required for quality testing of paints in the automotive industry.

In all working environments, safety is a top priority however, in some locations, there may be exposure to many damaging external factors of influence – for example, temperature, adverse weather, and dust. Luminaires that are used there must have excellent capabilities: they must be free of glass, shatterproof, easy to clean and resistant to moisture, cold, shocks and chemical cleaning agents. This demands lighting that can withstand it all, hard-wearing luminaires such as Trilux’s Nextrema, Mirona Fit and E-Line


When the going gets tough, the light must also face this challenge. Lighting solutions that want to survive here must have a high level of failure safety and optimum visual comfort – even in high halls. TRILUX systems are also ideally equipped for extreme conditions such as oily vapours or metal dust.

Our recommendations for this application:


Flawless paintwork is a must in the automotive industry, so uncompromising quality controls are essential. When creating a lighting design for these spaces, the lighting makes a decisive contribution to limit disruptive light reflections. Flexibility is the key here: variable illuminance levels and adjustable light colours help employees to do a “brilliant” job.

Our recommendations for this application:

Mirona Fit

E-Line Next LED

E-Line PA2


The risk of fire increases where the air is polluted by an increased amount of dust and fibres. Wood, paper and textile processing companies are therefore only allowed to use systems that keep a “cool head”. Because flammable substances can be deposited on the surface of the luminaire. TRILUX systems ensure that the temperatures are reliably limited at these points.

Seen in this way, light can make an active contribution to fire protection, like this system:


Temperatures of down to -40 ° C are a real challenge for the technology used there. This also applies to the light in cold stores. TRILUX luminaires are perfect for this application as they are tough: neither extreme cold nor moisture, dust or bumps can harm them, additionally, they have a long, almost maintenance-free service life.

It goes without saying that the systems are HACCP-compliant with luminaires such as:

E-Line IP54


E-Line IP54

E-Line Next by Trilux

E-Line Next by Trilux

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