22 September 2021

A robust collection of luminaires with endless design possibilities – BEGA’s STUDIO LINE products enable unique and expressive lighting solutions for interior spaces. The exceptional metal workmanship of each piece and carefully selected finish combinations make for a series of luminaires that can complement any design aesthetic.


The exterior of each luminaire shade is finished with a matte, structured paint carefully applied in either velvet black or white. Throughout the wide range of pendant styles available, the canopy and cable perfectly match the chosen exterior colour. Subtly catching the eye from inside of the matte black or white shade, a metal interior makes for a beautiful contrast of colours.


Choose from three metal interior finishes; aluminium, copper, or brass. The combination of interior and exterior finishes allows a wide range of versatility for many different interior design styles and colour schemes. For warm and inviting spaces, a combination of black with brass or copper might be the perfect fit. In a setting with crisp, cooler tones, the combination of white with aluminium could be chosen to complement the space. With the variety of finishes available, luminaires from the STUDIO LINE are well suited for any interior.

An eye-catching lighting effect

Due to carefully designed optics, the ambient light below these shielded sources appears true to the white light correlated colour temperate specified with excellent colour rendering. Meanwhile, a subtle glint of coloured light on the outside edge of the beam spread results from the internally reflected light. The outcome is an eye-catching and elegant lighting effect.

A solution for every space

With product types ranging from recessed ceilings to large-area pendants, the STUDIO LINE aesthetic can easily be carried throughout an entire building. The collection continues to grow with new products designed to illuminate atriums, hallways, dining areas and much more. Commercial or residential, grand foyers or cozy reading nooks, the STUDIO LINE Collection has a solution for every application.

STUDIO LINE Luminaires

50 249 STUDIO LINE Recessed Downlight

50 844 STUDIO LINE Recessed Downlight

50 848 STUDIO LINE Recessed Downlight

51 017 STUDIO LINE Ceiling Luminaire

50 931 STUDIO LINE Ceiling Luminaire

51 077 STUIDO LINE Ceiling Luminaire

51 058 STUDIO LINE Wall Luminaire

50 347 STUDIO LINE Wall Luminaire

50 755 STUDIO LINE Wall Luminaire

50 781STUDIO LINE Pendant Luminaire

50 889 STUDIO LINE Chandelier

50 981 STUDIO LINE Pendant Luminaire

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A robust collection of luminaires with endless design possibilities – BEGA's STUDIO LINE products enable unique ...
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