5 May 2021
Factory Update – New Machines

Last month Light Culture took delivery and installed state-of-the-art machinery. These machines enable us to further develop our flexibility to the market so that we can meet the needs of customer requirements and our marketing orientated developments.

We feel that these two machines, the AE2510NT Single AC Servo Drive Turret Punch Press and HM1003 Hydraulic Press Brake, will greatly improve our offering and reinforce our standing as an Australian manufacturer.


1. Increased Production Efficiencies

  • Using the enhanced software package, new designs are not only quicker to create but also can be uploaded directly from the office to the machine in the factory
  • The 3D design software package allows prototype designs to be created ‘virtually’ on the screen – the package will inform the operator of any potential design flaws, suggest rectifications, and approve the final design for manufacture
  • At the same time, the software maximises the use of raw material resulting in fewer offcuts increasing the overall sustainability of the process
  • We estimate the new turret punch is 50% faster than our now obsolete punch.

2. Upskilled machine operators & design staff

  • Provides an opportunity to upskill our staff in design and manufacture

3. Less reliance on 3rd Party Providers

  • A number of our medium to large projects are currently being outsourced to 3rd party providers simply because our current factory cannot keep up with demand. We, therefore, have less control over these projects and Quality Assurance is at risk.

4. Additional Flexibility in relation to R&D

  • Key to our business is the R&D required to design a new product to keep Light Culture ahead of our competitors
  • The new design software and production capabilities will take us to new levels

5. Additional flexibility in the variation on the finished product range

  • The improved tooling purchased on both the Turret Punch and Press Brake will facilitate Light Culture’s ability to increase our locally manufactured product range and variation within our range.

6. Increased Opportunity to quote on larger and more complex projects

  • The additional capacity provided by these two machines will allow Light Culture to tender on much larger projects & higher volumes with confidence


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