ACCENTA PURE Recessed Ceiling Luminaire

ACCENTA PURE – small and compact luminaires with high-grade LED technology for installation in suspended ceilings with 68 mm ceiling cut-outs. High-quality crystal glass and reflectors for creating efficient and brilliant light.
On account of their good luminous efficiency, these luminaires are suitable not only for improving the efficiency of existing systems but also for planning new installations in particular. ACCENTA recessed ceiling luminaires are suitable for planning assignments in private homes, shops or hotels and wherever representative, brilliant luminaires with efficient LED technology are requested.
Recessed opening 68 mm

ACCENTA PURE Recessed Ceiling Luminaire


Office, Retail, Residential


Crystal Glass

Colour Temperature

2700K | 3000K



IK Rating

Ceiling Luminaire  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
5059110.4W570lmNon DimIP20Ø 80mm x D 48mm
5059310.5W570lmDALIIP20Ø 80mm x D 48mm

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