ACCENTA Wall Luminaire

A series of small and compact recessed wall luminaires with high-grade LED technology. Luminaires that can be quickly and easily installed in standard 68mm-diameter switch or cavity wall boxes. They are luminaires with unshielded light for directing and guiding illumination.
Each luminaire comes with a matching cavity wall box.
Recessed opening 68mm

ACCENTA Wall Luminaire


Office, Retail, Residential


Matt Brass | Matt Copper | Stainless Steel | White Enamel

Colour Temperature

2700K | 3000K


IK Rating

Recessed Wall Luminaire  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
50 1582.1W52lmNon DimØ 75mm x D 65mm
50 2843.0W100lmNon DimØ 75mm x D 65mm

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