Arena Acoustic

Sound-absorbing suspension with downwards illumination, with integrated power supply for dimming the light intensity through DALI or Push DIM protocol. Acoustic PET panel with sound absorption Class C which reduces up to 70% of reverberated sound (NRC 0.7) and a Group 1 ISO 9705 fire rating. The sound-absorbing panel is inside the same aluminium profile as Arena, useful for compositions of acoustic elements and suspension lamps (Zero Shapes and Arena). White, black, titanium, bronze and matt brass finishes are available. Acoustic PET panel in basalt colour, custom colours are available on request.
Designed by Enzo Panzeri 2021

Arena Acoustic


Office, Retail, Residential


Black | Bronze | Matt Brass | Titanium | White

Colour Temperature




IK Rating

Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
Plain Panel51.0W1434lmDALI/Push DimIP20Ø 980mm x H 53mm x Cable L 5000mm
Slalom MILLERIGHE Panel51.0W1434lmØ 980mm x HIP20Ø 980mm x H 53mm x Cable L 5000mm

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