Ring of light with adjustable spots. Suspension lamp in extruded curved aluminium with opal polycarbonate screen and adjustable spots. Emission on the internal side provided by LED modules with DALI/Push DIM technology dimming for the linear light and non-dimmable spots on all versions. White, black, titanium, bronze and mat brass finishes are available. Ideal for halls, living areas, retail and large spaces.
Designed by Enzo Panzeri 2020



Office, Retail, Residential


Black | Bronze | Matt Brass | Titanium | White

Colour Temperature



Onboard Dimmable

IK Rating

Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
Diameter 100cm with 3 Lights92.0W6732lmDALI/Push Dim | Non Dim30°IP20Ø 980mm x H 53mm x Cable L 5000mm
Diameter 150cm with 4 Lights129.0W9675lmDALI/Push Dim | Non Dim30°IP20Ø 1470mm x H 53mm x Cable L 5000mm
Diameter 200cm with 5 Lights154.0W12618lmDALI/Push Dim | Non Dim30°IP20Ø 1940mm x H 53mm x Cable L 5000mm

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