Creavo Lay-In Rectangular

Creavo is the ideal solution for directional light in the office: three optics with ConVision® technology, various module sizes and four mounting methods are available. Typical for the luminaire range: light chambers as an element of design. Light management, emergency light and location-based services can also be implemented via the IoT harbour.

Creavo Lay-In Rectangular


Prestigious lighting or auxiliary lighting in retail areas, foyers, corridors, office areas and conference rooms



Colour Temperature

3000K | 4000K



IK Rating

Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
M46 300x120025.0W - 30.0W4000lm - 5000lmNon Dim | DALIIP40W 297mm x L 1197mm x D 32mm
M57 312x125025.0W - 30.0W4000lm - 5000lmNon Dim | DALIIP40W 310mm x L 1247mm D 32mm
M48 300x150032.0W - 37.0W5000lm - 6200lmNon Dim | DALIIP40W 297mm x L 1497mm x D 32mm
M59 312x155032.0W - 37.0W5000lm - 6200lmNon Dim | DALIIP40W 310mm x L 1547mm x D 32mm