Drive-Over In-ground Wallwasher

Drive-over in-ground luminaires for installation in paved ground surfaces – indoors and out.
The lighting technology and design of these in-ground floodlights make it possible to illuminate a vertical surface, such as a façade, almost completely from the ground to the lower edge of the roof.
The lower limit of the light distribution is linear, without the usual “light cone” seen with in-ground floodlights.
The technically identical luminaires are optionally available with a cover, made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminium.
The luminaires are mounted in a recessed housing on a foundation that absorbs the pressure loads.
Pressure load 1000 kg
Size Ø 285 mm
Protection class IP 67

Drive-Over In-ground Wallwasher


Pedestrian zones, Arcades, Pathways, Stairs, Access areas, Carparks and Accent lighting.


Graphite Black

Colour Temperature

3000K | 4000K



IK Rating

Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
8461827.0W2663lmDALIIP67Ø 285mm x H 60mm x D 110mm

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