Linear Pendant

This new pendant luminaire with extraordinary lengths emits its light upward and downward. The pendant luminaire is available in three lengths and colour versions as well as with various light outputs. The profile of the luminaire features straight lines with a rectangular cross section.
The light is distributed softly and uniformly via a light-diffusing silicone diffuser embedded in the luminaire profile.
These luminaires are particularly well suited for illuminating long, narrow eating areas or counter surfaces.

Linear Pendant


Office, Retail, Residential


Black Velvet | Matt Copper | White Velvet

Colour Temperature




IK Rating

Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
5126431.0W1915lmDALIIP20L 770mm x H 60mm x W 23mm
5126549.0W3015lmDALIIP20L 1170mm x H 60mm x W 23mm
5126677.0W4930lmDALIIP20L 1870mm x H 60mm x W 23mm

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