Vapor Echo

Sound absorbing suspension lamp design by LUXXBOX. Direct light emission through LED module and standard DALI/Push DIM technology. Acoustic 12mm PET panel which reduces up to 45% of reverberated sound (NRC 0.45) with Group 1 ISO 9705 fire rating. Acoustic panels are 100% recyclable and 65% produced from recycled material. Charcoal, dark blue, emerald green, light grey and orange colour are available. Product imported from LUXXBOX in Australia with a minimum delivery time of 4 weeks.

Vapor Echo


Office, Retail, Residential


Charcoal | Dark Blue | Light Blue | Light Grey | Orange

Colour Temperature




IK Rating

Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
Vapor Echo57.0W4500lmDALIIP20Ø 1000mm x H 420mm x Cable L 3000mm

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