Wall & Ceiling Luminaire

Luminaires in various sizes with hand-blown, satin-matt opal glass and cast metal fittings made of high-quality aluminium. A perfectly shaped sphere is perhaps one of the most important design elements of all. As one of the basic geometric forms, it has always been perceived as distinct and soothing. Timeless beauty – purity and perfection. Classic luminaires that continue a long tradition of fulfilling many different lighting applications.

Wall & Ceiling Luminaire


Office, Retail, Residential


Brass | Polished Aluminium | Trim Accessories: Stainless Steel

Colour Temperature

2700K | 3000K


IK Rating

IK04 | IK05
Wall & Ceiling Luminaire  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
505388.8W893lmNon DimIP20Ø 200mm x H 210mm
5053917.0W2010lmNon DimIP20Ø 250mm x H 250mm
5054024.0W2695lmNon DimIP20Ø 300mm x H 300mm
505731x 7.0W670lmE 27 LED BulbIP20Ø 200mm x H 210mm
505741x 12.0W1100lmE 27 LED BulbIP20Ø 250mm x H 250mm

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