Wall Luminaire

Unshielded wall luminaires in various sizes and four choices of material.
Be it as a single luminaire on walls and pillars or in groups, they are excellent elements of interior design. Solid lighting tools that perform reliably over long operating periods.

Wall Luminaire


Office, Retail, Residential


Brass | White Enamel

Colour Temperature




IK Rating

Wall Luminaire  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
50 1257.4W437lmNon DimIP20W 130mm x H 220mm x W 90mm
50 12614.8W1094lmNon DimIP20W 160mm x H 300mm x D 100mm
50 12722.3W1980lmDALIIP20W 190mm x H 485mm x D 115mm