The Australian National University and BEGA

The remaking of the heart of a tier-one university such as the Australian National University (ANU) is globally significant in ambition, as well as gradual. In 2015 BEGA was approached by The Australian University in Canberra to recommend an LED pole top range to replace the large variety of old technology luminaires on site. The brief was to standardise to one simple architectural shape for a variety of applications throughout the campus.

The BEGA range that was chosen belongs to a group whose performance spectrum allows the coverage of all lighting applications in street, residential, and city applications, they are available as pole top or as side-mounted in single and twin arrangements. Two light distributions are also available – asymmetric light distribution for surface, squares, or parking spaces along with asymmetric flat beam distribution for pathways and streets, increasing safety along the access routes.

When ANU continued its development with the Kambri precinct, the new innovation and cultural heart of ANU merging contemporary learning with an enriched cultural life, they again decided to incorporate BEGA luminaires. Light building elements were used this time as they are particularly suitable for dividing and structuring outdoor spaces. They can be used to guide or lead people and vehicles, while their attention-drawing power is considerably greater than that of standard pole-top luminaires. The light building elements were used to serve and highlight the architectural structure.

The luminaires are delivered in DALI as standard, can be maintained tool-free, and carry a 10-year local warranty with a 20-year guarantee on replacement parts including the LED modules and drivers, and with their low energy consumption, they contribute to lighting efficiency.


Project Details:

Location Canberra, ACT
Kambri: BVN

Used Products:

BEGA 88100

99515 Pole Top

BEGA 88100

84991 Light Building Element



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