Barwon Medical Imaging

Barwon’s new Medical Imaging Centre provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine services to the Geelong and South West Region of Victoria.

The 3rd level of Baxter Tower is now complete. This new medical centre is a modern and spacious environment providing high quality of care to patients.

Nurses stations and patient recovery areas were illuminated with a planar light – Inplana from Trilux. The Inplana was a perfect fit to achieve a uniform and glare-free light in the space. The luminaire’s flat design ideally blends into the space and creates pleasant visual comfort for staff, patients and their families. In addition, the light emitted from Inplana provides a high level of vertical illumination, creating a uniform light on walls and working surfaces.

Recessed LED profile Downhill Dan was integrated into the reception area. The profile’s ability to bend and create beautifully homogenous light allowed it to accentuate the desk superbly.

The client was particularly pleased with the outcome, and has hence decided to illuminate the next 5 levels of the building using the Trilux Inplana also.

Barwon Medical Imaging
Barwon Medical Imaging
Barwon Medical Imaging

Project Details:

Location Geelong, VIC
Architect LCI Melbourne
Photography Nathan Kaberry
Lighting Designer Nathan Kaberry
Engineer LCI Melbourne

Used Products:

Cultura Base

Inplana LED


Cultura Base

Downhill Dan 35

XD Profiles


Inspired Light

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