Fat Yak Bar at Sydney Airport

The Fat Yak Bar sits in a prominent location in the new Urban Retail Precinct in Terminal 2 at Sydney Airport. The bar combines the irreverent, raw character of the Fat Yak brand with the precinct’s requirements for a natural and authentic palette of materials.

The Downhill Dan 14 profile from Light Culture’s XD Profiles range provides overall task lighting to the inner functions of the bar. The opal diffuser allows consistent distribution of light quality and great glare control.

The application of Where’s Ben 14 is used to illuminate inside the storage cupboards for function as well as to highlight wine glasses.

Light Culture supplied a flexible LED strip to emphasize the geometry of the bar and to create movement. The Surface Mount adjustable spot-light was used to highlight columns and make the Yak Ales signs ‘pop’.

The colour temperature 2700K is consistently used throughout the space. As part of our natural human circadian rhythm, warm lighting seems to relax us and help us wind down.

Cheers Fat Yak.

Fat Yak Bar
Fat Yak Bar
Fat Yak Bar

Project Details:

Location Sydney Airport, Terminal 2
Architect Noxon Griffen Architects
Photography Katherine Lu Photography
Lighting Designer Noxon Griffen Architects
Engineer Aurecon

Used Products:

Cultura Base

Downhill Dan 14

XD Profiles

Cultura Base

Where’s Ben 14

XD Profiles


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