Fremantle Prison Canteen

The Fremantle prison canteen is a small room in the east workshops section of the building. It is situated in the corner of a large warehouse and is used for food preparation for events.

The fact that the canteen is located in a prison means that only a minimal amount of natural light can enter the space. The area is also devoid of colour due to the red and grey brick interior and lack of decorative embellishment. 

With this in mind, it was vital that the lighting system that was installed was powerful enough to illuminate a large area and provide optimum visibility to a dark, colourless space. It also needed to create a sense of warmth and transform the area into an inviting entertainment venue that appealed to anyone looking for a place to host an upcoming event.

Trilux Solegra luminaires were the perfect fit for the canteen. These surface-mounted round luminaires emit soft, glare-free light and can illuminate even the darkest zones. They are also aesthetically pleasing and suit the overall look of the space.

The client was provided with a practical, efficient and cost-effective lighting system that met their needs and exceeded their expectations. The new lighting system turned a dark and dreary space into a light-filled entertainment venue that has been well received by members of local community. 

“We are very happy with the outcome of the refurbishment. Thank you for your lighting recommendation.”

Fremantle Prison Canteen
Fremantle Prison Canteen
Fremantle Prison Canteen
Fremantle Prison Canteen

Project Details:

Location Fremantle, Western Australia
Photography Matt Devlin
Lighting Designer Callan Kneale
Builder Courtenay Heldt
Project Manager Lighting Options

Used Products:

Cultura Base

Solegra LED



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