Goodlife Health Club Indooroopilly

Goodlife Health Clubs is one of Australia’s largest and most popular health club chains supporting more than 295,000 members to live healthier and more active lifestyles. The Indooroopilly gym offers 24/7 access with state-of-the-art equipment cardio and weight equipment.

A gym’s lighting should create a comfortable exercise environment that motivates members to keep going. A bright, and visually appealing setting will ensure a good experience that will lure new customers and support member retention. The many activities that occur within a gym will dictate the precise lighting requirements within each location.

Weights & Cardio Area

In this area, the lighting must be practical and provide enough ambient illumination to ensure the machinery is used safely. This was achieved with Trilux’s Solegra luminaires that offer low glare with their large luminous surface areas, while also providing uniform illuminance levels to avoid strong shadowing. They were also suspended at high mounting heights, with their placement to ensure vertical surfaces were also illuminated. This created a bright, inviting, and safe environment.

Trilux Finea continuous linear luminaires were also used in this area to delineate areas such as sled tracks and treadmills.

Exercise Rooms – Studio’s, Spin & Reformer Pilates

Each of the exercise rooms at the Goodlife were designed for either a dedicated activity to be completed within, such as Pilates or a Spin class, or as a Studio for multiuse. Different feels and scenes were achieved in each of these rooms with the use of a combination of dimmable linear and spot luminaires. Adjustable spotlights were used for the stage area to highlight class instructors, while narrow beam downlights were used throughout the cardio studio to create a staggered pin spot effect, used to assist optimal distancing of members during classes.

Amenities & Changing

These areas are extremely significant with many members needing to get ready for work or social activities post-workout. The use of warm white lighting gives these areas a relaxed and comfortable feel with the vanity wall luminaires from BEGA providing excellent lighting for make-up and grooming.

24Hour Entry & Reception

As this gym offers 24/7 access lighting that is suitable for both day and night was needed, both to welcome guests and to provide a feeling of safety. In the entry the stunning green wall and supplementary lighting provide an aesthetic environment that makes clients feel comfortable, creating a separation between the worries of the world and a time and space dedicated to health and well-being.

Light Culture was able to provide highly efficient and quality LED luminaires to keep energy consumption low, with a design that was dynamic enough for periodic changes to the gym’s configuration, as their client demands evolve, and new workout equipment and trends emerge. Overall, the lighting design that was achieved supports Goodlife’s clients in helping to keep them safe and focused, complies with the Australian Standards, while also increasing the appeal of the whole space.

Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility

Project Details:

End User Fitness Lifestyle Group
Head of Property Ash Rowe
Location Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Queensland
Designer A-Three Design Management
Builder ICM Construction
Photographer Christopher Crawford

Used Products:

Finea D



Finea D



Helium Pendant

Helium Pendant






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