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The Mazda showroom in Caloundra, Queensland, was an ambitious project executed in collaboration with Wim Architects, Shadcon Builders, and Huff Group Electrical Contractors, with DMA Engineers as the electrical engineers. The overarching objectives were to establish a state-of-the-art facility mirroring Mazda’s global standards, enhance customer experience with modern amenities, promote sustainability, all while boosting operational efficiency across sales and service departments.

Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility


  • Showroom: The central showroom area utilises Oktalite Toko 4000K LED recessed downlights, chosen for their energy efficiency and superior performance. These fittings not only emphasise the displayed vehicles but also ensure optimal thermal regulation in the brightly lit environment, aligning with the sustainability goals.
  • Lounge/Café: To create a warm and inviting lounge/café area, Australian Made Kryptons were installed in varied sizes and heights. The lower colour temperature helps establish a relaxed ambiance, making it a comfortable space for customers that reflects the Mazda identity.
  • Delivery Area: The vehicle delivery zone features Centauri Minor linear extrusions, which are discreetly suspended between battens. This sleek, minimalist lighting design focuses on low glare and high efficiency, ensuring that the spotlight remains on the vehicles being delivered.
  • Offices: Similar to the showroom, office areas are equipped with Oktalite Toko downlights that prioritise low glare and high efficiency. This choice fosters a productive and comfortable work environment.
  • Reception: The reception is distinguished by a suspended Centauri Minor light that not only illuminates the desk but also enhances the Mazda signage behind it. This strategic placement helps create a welcoming atmosphere and a positive first impression for visitors.
  • Exterior: The building’s exterior features BEGA post tops and surface cans, which offer functional yet aesthetically pleasing lighting. This not only complements the architectural design but also ensures safety and visibility around the showroom premises.

The Mazda showroom in Caloundra stands as a testament to innovative architectural and lighting design, seamlessly integrating functionality with environmental consciousness. This project has successfully established a state-of-the-art facility that aligns with Mazda’s international standards, delivered an enhanced customer experience through thoughtful amenities and technological integration, and adhered to sustainability practices to minimise environmental impact. Mazda Australia describes the project as a “state of the art, architecturally designed dealership built sustainably with a ‘Clean and Green’ vision,” setting a new benchmark in the automotive industry for environmental responsibility combined with cutting-edge design.

Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility

Project Details:

End-User Mazda Australia
Builder Shadcon
Electrical Contractor
Huff Group
Electrical Engineer
DMA Engineers

Used Products:

Centauri Minor Suspended

Centauri Minor Suspended





Helium Major Downlight

Helium Downlights


Angle Andy 25

Angle Andy 25

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