Mercedes-Benz Facility

The construction of a state-of-the-art, four-storey, 10,000sqm Mercedes-Benz Paint & Panel facility was recently completed in Sydney. The Ground Floor and Level 1 are the workshop floors including spray booths, while the basement car park offers over 70 car spaces and a dual car wash bay, all with a focus on providing the highest standard of vehicle body repairs.

The E-line Fix continuous trunking system, manufactured by Trilux in Germany, was used for the vehicle repair workshop areas. The E-Line Next from Trilux is not only pioneering in terms of efficiency, service life, quality of light and convenience, the modular system with its unique range of variants ensures made-to-measure, perfect lighting conditions in every application. This location required a high level of illumination and uniformity whilst providing energy efficiency through the use of an integrated control system. System efficacy of approx. 150lm/W, and a lighting control system maintains the 900 lux artificial lighting level with a high uniformity of light, supplemented by daylight, to minimise energy use.

The CCT was also supplied at 6500K with a high CRI of ≥90, to comply with exacting demands for colour matching of metallic paint finishes. Additionally, this choice of colour temperature throughout the building lends a crisp, daylight appearance. Additionally features of this lighting solution include, high quality LEDs offering in a service life of 70,000 hours and a wireless lighting control system (sceneCOM S, by Tridonic), deployed integral PIR sensors across all areas, addressed into groups, and programmed to respond to daylight and motion. Furthermore, automatic staged dimming through to switch off after a period of inactivity was used to further reduces unnecessary energy consumption.

The other product used for this product is our locally produced, under license from Trilux Germany, Aragon Plus IP66 battens. These luminaires were installed in all car parks, stairwell, and other ancillary areas. A total of 220 luminaires, equipped with 6500K LED boards and individual motion sensors, were wired into pre-determined groups or zones to facilitate a smooth, area activated ramp up of illumination on motion detection. Individual sensors guaranteed total area motion coverage, compliant with NCC regulations.

Locally factory programmed drivers allow for the ramping down to off, of illumination after periods of inactivity, without the need for any commissioning on site. Aragon range of products feature a transparent upper body, allowing for increased upward light onto the ceiling, improving the perceived brightness of the space.

Project Details:

End-User Perfect Auto Body
Architect Leffler Simes Architects
Builder ADCO
Simpson Kotzman
New Era Group


Used Products:

E-Line Next Flex

E-Line Next






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