Residence in Queens Park, Sydney

This private residence in Queens Park, Sydney features a modern and elegant style of living. Wood tones that create a cozy and pleasant environment will greet you in the kitchen and open plan dining area.

To Be pendants from Panzeri were placed over the communal work space of the kitchen island to create a minimal and elegant feature within the kitchen.

The light source, perfectly hidden within, creates a theatre on the kitchen bench. With high CRI values and glare free light, To Be pendants showcase a vibrant colours of whatever is placed underneath.

The black rubber paint ties the black detailing of the kitchen together and being in a highly tangible area, the rubber paint will always remain matte, never showing any finger or smudge marks.

The Solid pendant over the dining table was selected to match the style of the legs of the dining chairs. It is placed at a perfect height to create intimacy when seated at the table with the light cut off framing the table.

The CRI values are extremely high, which not only brings out the grain and colour of the timber dining table, but also allows all food placed on the table to be bright and appetising.

The curved, hand carved ends provide a sophisticated detail that separates this pendant from anything on the market.

Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility

Project Details:

Location Queens Park, Sydney
Architect Andreas Antoniades
Photography Leif Prenzlau

Used Products:

Cultura Base




Inspired Light

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