Scribbly Gum by Jade Oakley

Australian artist Jade Oakley worked closely with Creative Road and Axolotl Art Projects to create and deliver this unique project for the new ACT Law Courts in Canberra.

The Scribbly Gum artwork contains a series of custom-made wooden panels inspired by Canberra’s unique Scribbly Gum trees. The artwork is made of more than 100 wooden panels and is split over three depts. The wall itself is also curved in the same shape as wooden panels which creates an artistic effect and references the local landscape.

Light slowly moving through the maze of scribbles creates a dynamic artwork that gives a sense of local nature and creates a calming effect, like watching a sun passing over the landscape. 

To create the Scribbly Gum’s curvy lines was a challenge. The team worked closely together from the beginning to ensure that the project will come out successfully. Integral Lighting was part of the development in regard to lighting details. It was used 112 meters of LED strip Neon Edge WWW Chasing DMX controlled to achieve such lighting effect.

“As an artist I am struck by the use of the Scribbly Gum in civic planting as you enter Canberra. The patterns themselves are beautiful graphics and unmistakably those of the Scribbly Gum, even when appropriated, enlarged and reproduced. Bringing these patterns into the interior of the court creates a sense of place, a link to the local landscape. The Scribbly Gum also lends the artwork a light touch as it reminds us of the wonder of nature, and nature’s sense of humour. The whimsical patterns on the scribbly bark bring to mind childhood, and time spent in the bush. It is a reminder of our native land, the place that grounds us and links us together. It is a symbol of the culture and landscape to which we belong.” Jade Oakley.

Scribbly Gum by Jade Oakley
Scribbly Gum by Jade Oakley
Scribbly Gum by Jade Oakley
Scribbly Gum by Jade Oakley
Scribbly Gum by Jade Oakley

Project Details:

Location Law Courts in Canberra, ACT
Photography Ben Wrigley
Lighting Designer Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd

Used Products:


Neon X

Light Culture


Inspired Light

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