Strawberry House in Newtown

The Strawberry House residents were after all the comforts good architecture enjoys in addition to elements to match their lifestyles, such as a fully functioning workshop, full C-BUS smart-home integration, carbon positive active sustainability systems including solar, battery and rainwater harvesting, and even a custom dog-wash station.

CplusC Architectural Workshop delivered a project with a unique and distinctive design, an outcome of warm, honest and beautiful, yet functional spaces. The two existing dark and cluttered narrow terrace houses have been transformed into a single, spacious, light-filled natural ventilated home with a strong connection to the outdoors.

The application of the Flat Freddie 14 profile is recessed within the structural beams and is employed as both a direct and indirect lighting source, providing a clean discrete lighting solution. The LED strip used has a CRI value of 95+ which was specifically chosen to highlight and bring out the red tones from the timber.

The primary outlook from the property is to a decades old Irish Strawberry tree from which the home claims its name, originally planted by the clients when they first moved into the property almost 40 years ago.

Strawberry House in Newtown
Strawberry House in Newtown
Strawberry House in Newtown
Strawberry House in Newtown

Project Details:

Location Newtown, Sydney
Architect CplusC Architectural Workshop
Photography Michael Lassman
Lighting Designer CplusC Architectural Workshop
Builder CplusC Architectural Workshop
Engineer Electrolite

Used Products:

Cultura Base

Flat Freddie 14

XD Profiles


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