Belviso C1

The Belviso luminaire family represents high quality lighting solutions together with glare-free light and unusual lighting effects. The design of the Belviso Cassette as a pure surface is enlivened by the precisely delineated light contour. The colour-illuminated light frame is available optionally and achieves an emotional upgrading of the lighting design. Five expressive alternatives mean that room-specific or individual colour codings can be selected.

Belviso C1


Prestigious lighting or auxiliary lighting in retail areas, foyers, corridors, office areas, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants and living spaces.



Colour Temperature

3000K | 4000K | Tuneable white



IK Rating

With LED  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
M84 System Dimensions 625x62527.0W | 31.0W3900lm | 4300lmNon Dim | DALIIP20W 622mm x L 622mm x H 92mm
M73 System Dimensions 600x60027.0W | 31.0W3900lm | 4300lmNon Dim | DALIIP20W 597mm x L 597mm x H 92mm
M46 System Dimensions 300x120031.0W4000lmNon Dim | DALIIP20W 297mm x L 1197mm x H 92mm
M57 System Dimensions 312x125031.0W4000lmNon Dim | DALIIP20W 310mm x L 1245mm x H 92mm

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