BOOM Wall Luminaire

Unshielded wall luminaires in various sizes. For illuminating entrances, arcades and walkways. Clear-cut lines and high-quality materials turn the luminaires into elements of architectural design which are both striking and long lasting.

BOOM Wall Luminaire


For decorative, accentuating lighting solutions in outdoor areas, for building access areas, facades.



Colour Temperature



IK Rating

Unshielded Light  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
31 0684.1W224lmNon DimIP44Ø 95mm x H 240mm x D 115mm
31 0743.9W383lmNon DimIP44Ø 120mm x H 410mm x D 135mm
31 07515.6W1992lmNon DimIP44Ø 160mm x H 645mm x D 165mm
31 2011x 4.0W225lmE 14 LED BulbIP44Ø 95mm x H 240mm x D 115mm
31 2031x 4.0W255lmE 14 LED BulbIP44Ø 120mm x H 410mm x D 135mm

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