GENIUS Track Spotlight

These ready-to-use track spotlights with adapter, suitable for 3-phase EUROSTANDARD-PLUS ® track systems, are available in two sizes and two finish colours.
The spotlights with light output up to 3,290lm feature the optical system BEGA Hybrid Optics ® for complete light control. The interplay between lens and reflector technologies achieves maximum application efficiency. Optical light filters are available as accessories for changing the two available factory-configured light distributions: flat beam, symmetrical-diffuse, asymmetrical

GENIUS Track Spotlight


Office, Retail, Residential


Black Velvet | White Velvet

Colour Temperature

3000K | 4000K



IK Rating

Wide Beam  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
51 03714.5W1202LMDALI32°IP20Ø 90mm x Adapter L 260mm
51 06137.5W3010LMDALI37°IP20Ø 120mm x Adapter L 260mm
51 06828.5W2088lmDALI30°IP20Ø 90mm x Adapter L 260mm
51 06946.5W3470lmDALI24°IP20Ø 135mm x Adapter L 310mm
51 03814.5W1220lmDALI58°IP20Ø 90mm x Adapter L 260mm
51 06237.5W2985lmDALI74°IP20Ø 120mm x Adapter L 260mm