On-Ground Surface Washer

On-ground luminaire for light from a very low mounting height. The asymmetrical flat beam light distribution is suitable for glare-free illumination of ground surfaces even far ahead of where the luminaire is installed. Luminaires for providing spatial illumination of driveways and wide footpaths or for illuminating the borders of square-like areas. These luminaires are characterised by a robust design made of cast aluminium and by cost-effective and durable LED technology.

On-Ground Surface Washer


Pedestrian zones, Pathways in parks and green areas, Residential facilities, and Access areas. For orientation lighting in outdoor areas.


Graphite Black | Silver

Colour Temperature

3000K | 4000K



IK Rating

Asymmetrical Flat Beam  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
8408114.5W848lmDALIIP65W 340mm x H 375mm

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