Performance Floodlight with Threaded Connection

The highly efficient performance floodlights offer the ideal lighting technology for virtually any application. The precise optical system BEGA Hybrid Optics® with focused, wide beam or extra wide beam light distribution enables extraordinary lighting effects ranging from light accents to wide-area illumination.
Variable zoom optics provide further application options and optimise flexibility from the outset during the planning phase.
The optical system BEGA Ultradark Optics®® utilises a combination of internal louvres and an ultra black nano coating inside the luminaire to minimise the diffuse light percentage. Highly efficient glare suppression guarantees optimal visual comfort.
Thanks to their compact design and various available sizes, the performance floodlights efficiently and discreetly blend into the environment. BEGA Thermal Management®, which protects temperature-sensitive luminaire components from too-high ambient temperatures, and the extremely weather-resistant powder coating BEGA Unidure® make the performance floodlights exceptionally durable, compared with similar products on the market.

Performance Floodlight with Threaded Connection


Gardens and Facades


Graphite Black | Silver

Colour Temperature

3000K | 4000K | RGBW



IK Rating

Performance Floodlight  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
Focused Light Distribution with Reduced Diffuse Light12.5W - 114.0W601lm - 6158lmDALI10°IP65Ø 115mm | Ø 145mm | Ø 175mm | Ø 250mm
Wide Beam11.8W - 108.0W1098lm - 8859lmDALI20° - 26°IP65Ø 115mm | Ø 145mm | Ø 175mm | Ø 250mm
UltraDark Focused Wide Beam20.5W - 60.0W1542lm - 4095lmDALI25°IP65Ø 145mm | Ø 175mm | Ø 250mm
Very Wide Beam9.5W - 108.0W918lm - 8791lmDALI45° - 61°IP65Ø 95mm | Ø 115mm | Ø 145mm | Ø 175mm | Ø 250mm
UltraDark Focused Very Wide Beam20.5W - 60.0W1098lm - 2971lmDALI56°IP65Ø 145mm | Ø 175mm | Ø 250mm
Zoom Optic12.5W - 40.5W797lm - 2722lmDALIAdjustableIP65Ø 115mm | Ø 145mm | Ø 175mm
Wide Beam RGBW24.0W | 28.6W1288lm | 2518lmDALI DT824°IP65Ø 145mm | Ø 175mm
Very Wide Beam RGBW20.4W | 38.6W1297lm | 2076lmDALI DT850°IP65Ø 145mm | Ø 175mm

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