PRIMA Ceiling & Wall Luminaire

Impact-resistant ceiling and wall luminaires – distinctive and recognised design. Characteristic of a whole series of luminaires in the BEGA range of products. They have become models for outdoor luminaires. We have been producing this series for over 30 years and have continuously improved it technically. As early as 1979, these luminaires won international awards for their excellent design. The concept and the design have proved successful in three decades. Cost-effective and reliable, they illuminate many areas of interior and exterior architecture worldwide. They are lighting classics.
The impact-resistant BEGA NeoGlass® cover offers outstanding lighting efficiency and unsurpassed economy. BEGA LED technology is designed for decades of reliable operation. We furthermore guarantee a minimum of 20 years of replacement parts availability.

PRIMA Ceiling & Wall Luminaire


Commercial and Residential exterior spaces


Graphite Black

Colour Temperature



IK Rating

With Safety Guide  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
249136.8W680lmNon DimIP65Ø 200mm x D 95mm
2491413.5W1300lmNon DimIP65Ø 260mm x D 110mm