Recessed Ceiling Downlight With Trim

The downlights on these pages are designed for installation in suspended ceilings.
The approx. 20 mm thick, hand-made crystal glass, which is held in place by a ceiling trim ring, defines the luminaire’s form and creates an impressively multi-faceted play of light. Both the room and the installation surface are illuminated, creating a pleasant lighting climate with brilliant accents. The luminaires and the external power supply units required for you lighting systems can be connected by means of a simple plug connector.

Recessed Ceiling Downlight With Trim


Office, Retail, Residential


Stainless Steel | White Enamel

Colour Temperature




IK Rating

Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
506939.8W759lmExternal55°IP20Ø 145mm x D 95mm
5069519.8W1724lmExternal50°IP20Ø 205mm x D 130mm

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