Recessed Pool Luminaire

Recessed luminaires for private and public swimming pools. BEGA underwater luminaires in different sizes and light outputs are suitable for installation in concrete, foil, metal or synthetic pools.
The luminaires may only be operated under water. To avoid harmful deposits and dirt on the luminaires, the water must have a neutral pH value and must be free of components that attack metal.

Recessed Pool Luminaire


Residential, Landscape Design, Pathways, Accent Lighting


Stainless Steel

Colour Temperature



24V External Supply

IK Rating

IK07 | IK08
Recessed Luminaire  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
889133.9W223lmWithout - 24 V DCIP68Ø 110mm x D 120mm
998129.9W890lmWithout - 24 V DCIP68Ø 195mm x D 90mm
9981418.3W2257lmWithout - 24 V DCIP68Ø 265mm x D 70mm
8440062.0W5000lmWithout - 24 V DCIP68Ø 265mm x D 70mm

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