Soho S 15

Soho is a range of luminaires featuring a discreet design that meets the needs of technique and style. The flexibility of recessed, track or ceiling mounting and a wide range of finishes guarantee an attractive product mix and at the same time the uniformity necessary for a high aesthetic result.
Elegant suspended projector for installation on 48V DC electrified tracks. The fitting is equipped with high-efficiency COB LED and it can be customised with various accessories for an improved visual comfort. The recessed lens and the snoot minimise the glare. Supplied with metallised mirrored thermoplastic reflector with standard lens with medium beam. The minimal and compact design of the cylindrical head suits a variety of project applications in retail stores, hospitality, residential spaces.

Soho S 15


Office, Retail, Residential


Black | White

Colour Temperature



IK Rating

Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
Height 17cm18.0W1705lmNon Dim30°IP20Ø 52mm x H 167mm x Cable L 2000mm

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