Surface Floodlight With Threaded Connection

BEGA surface floodlights for asymmetrical wide beam light distribution. Compact, efficient and available in two different housing sizes with highly efficient BEGA LED modules and a luminaire luminous flux of more than 2600 lumens.
Floodlights with G ½ threaded connection are suitable for installation on existing on-site G ½ threaded holes – in combination with BEGA accessories, this can be used for various floodlight installation applications.

Surface Floodlight With Threaded Connection


Accent lighting, Pedestrian zones, Passages, Landscape design, High activity areas


Graphite Black | Silver

Colour Temperature

3000K | 4000K



IK Rating

IK07 | IK08
Asymmetrical-Wide Beam Light Distribution  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
8425713.3W1339lmNon DimIP65W 180mm x H 80mm x D 255mm
8409922.4W2516lmDALIIP65W 260mm x H 105mm x D 335mm