Wall Unshielded Light Luminaire

Wall luminaires which are shielded upwards, with housings made of cast aluminium and glass elements made of hand-blown, three-ply opal glass. Luminaires with a pleasantly soft light for a high degree of visual comfort. Individually or in groups, they are timeless design elements for a wide range of lighting applications – both indoors and out.

Wall Unshielded Light Luminaire


For decorative, accentuating lighting solutions in outdoor areas, for building access areas, facades.


Graphite Black | Silver

Colour Temperature



IK Rating

Shielded Light  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
240237.4W279lmAC ModuleIP44Ø 220mm x D 130mm
2402414.0W708lmAC ModuleIP44Ø 270mm x D 155mm
330471x 7.0W180lmE 27 LED BulbIP44Ø 220mm x D 130mm
331471x 12.0W540lmE 27 LED BulbIP44Ø 270mm x D 155mm

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