Hazan Healthy Smiles Dental in Bronte

Hazan Healthy Smiles Dental contacted Light Culture with the request to advise and illuminate their Dental practice in Bronte, Sydney.

Initial luminaires were old 2×36 Watt fluorescent light fittings with a prismatic diffuser. Different light levels across the reception, working areas and surgery were clearly visible. As a result, staff were suffering from frequent eye strain and headaches.

Light Culture recommended creating a more uniform space with less contrast between working surfaces and patients. The surgeon also requested that the new environment would be suitable for colour matching teeth as the previous system was very inconsistent.

The solution was to illuminate ceiling, walls and working surfaces more evenly. The product chosen was the Liventy from Trilux with 4000K colour temperature, which with an opal diffuser extending 25mm below the light fitting, resulted in uniform light distribution across the ceiling spilling onto the walls and the working plane. The space was completely uniform in its luminance, which created a harmonious environment to work in.

In the reception area the client asked for a more homelike environment where patients would feel more comfortable. In this area we used the Amatris downlight from Trilux with 3000K colour temperature, which ensured that the space was more evenly lit.

“The advice given and the attention to detail to my requirements was amazing. Since following Anthony’s advice, I no longer suffer from eye strain or headaches. My patients love the warm feeling, which the new lighting arrangement provides, as do all of my team” – says the Hazan Healthy Smiles owner Dr. Nathalie Hazan.

Hazan Healthy Smiles Dental in Bronte
Hazan Healthy Smiles Dental in Bronte
Hazan Healthy Smiles Dental in Bronte
Hazan Healthy Smiles Dental in Bronte

Project Details:

Location Bronte, Sydney
Photography Tom Stevens

Used Products:

Liventy Local


XD Profiles

Cultura Base




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