Hopetoun Aircraft Hanger
Crown Resorts Training Facility

The lighting design for this private aircraft hangar in rural Victoria, Australia, was calculated to meet the requirements of AS1680.2.4-2017 for Aircraft Maintenance Hangars. The objective was to achieve 400lux illumination with a maximum UGR<25 across the interior maintenance area, addressing the unique challenges posed by the hangar’s environmental conditions.

In addressing the complex conditions of the location, we selected the Trilux Mirona Fit Highbay for the internal storage and maintenance areas. The Mirona Fit LED stands out as the ideal lighting solution, providing uniform, glare-free light in demanding environments with the possibility of higher temperatures, humidity, sparks, fumes, and vibrations.

To enhance visibility at access doors and the hangar hard stand, we incorporated Trilux Combial Floodlights. These floodlights complement the Mirona Fit LED, providing the necessary illumination for safe and efficient operations in and around the hangar.

Key Features:

  • Energy Efficiency: Both the Mirona Fit LED and Combial Floodlights contribute to energy efficiency, aligning with sustainable practices.
  • High Uniformity: Our design prioritises high uniformity in lighting distribution, ensuring consistent illumination throughout the hangar.
  • IP65 Rating: The selected luminaires boast an IP65 rating, safeguarding against dust and water ingress, thus maintaining performance in challenging conditions.
  • Illumination of Vertical Surfaces: The lighting design emphasizes the illumination of vertical surfaces, enhancing visibility and safety within the hangar.

Our lighting design for this aircraft hangar in rural Victoria meets and exceeds Australian lighting standards, with a product selection that will last. The integration of Trilux Mirona Fit Highbays and Combial Floodlights ensures not only compliance but also optimal functionality and safety in a challenging industrial setting. The result is an intelligently illuminated space that promotes efficiency, visual comfort, and occupational safety.

Crown Resorts Training Facility
Crown Resorts Training Facility

Project Details:

Location Hopetoun, Victoria
Consulting Engineer

ADP Melbourne

Used Products:

Flat Freddie 14

Mirona Fit


Inperla Ligra




Inspired Light

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