The Coal Loader

In 2003, North Sydney Council acquired the industrial site at Balls Head, formerly a coal loading facility for 70 years. Over the subsequent years, the Council collaborated with various stakeholders to transform the area into the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability. This hectare-sized, harbourside ex-industrial site, now heritage-listed, stands as a testament to environmental success.

In April 2010, as part of the initial development, North Sydney Council installed 12 BEGA Floodlights at the newly established Coal Loader. These luminaires served the site for 13 years, in line with the Sustainability objectives set for the location.

In 2023, recognising the need to align with sustainability goals and seeking ways to improve energy efficiency, North Sydney Council approached Light Culture to explore the possibility of upgrading the existing 13-year-old BEGA luminaires to LED technology. The luminaires, though physically sound, presented an opportunity for improvement in both performance and environmental impact.


Collaborating with BEGA, renowned for their in-house manufacturing capabilities, Light Culture facilitated the LED retrofit project. BEGA supplied complete LED retrofit gear trays and lamp assemblies designed to seamlessly fit into the existing luminaires, replacing the outdated technology.

The LED retrofit resulted in a 30% reduction in power consumption, contributing significantly to the site’s energy efficiency objectives. Furthermore, the upgrade prevented 135 kg of die-cast aluminium from ending up in landfills, aligning with the broader sustainability goals of the Coal Loader Centre.

By choosing to upgrade the luminaires with LED technology rather than replacing them entirely, the project demonstrated a commitment to sustainability. The decision not only saved valuable resources but also extended the lifecycle of the existing infrastructure.

The successful LED retrofit for BEGA pole top luminaires at The Coal Loader exemplifies the commitment of North Sydney Council to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The project stands as a model for leveraging existing infrastructure while embracing innovative solutions for energy efficiency. The Coal Loader, where everything old is made new again, encapsulates a harmonious blend of heritage, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.


Project Details:

End-User North Sydney Council

Used Products:

Pole Top Luminaire

Pole Top Luminaire



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