Rally Trim

Series of rectangular direct-emitting die-casted aluminium downlights with frame for indoor application, available in three versions with different lengths, in white finish with black optics. The recessed light source is made of LED modules coupled with lenses with 30° beam angle.

Rally Trim


Office, Retail, Residential



Colour Temperature

2700K | 3000K


IK Rating

Recessed Ceiling  
Variation System Power Lumens Control Beam Angle IP Dimensions
Length 7.4cm3.6W297lmRemote30°IP20L 75mm x W 46mm x D 50mm
Length 14.7cm9.0W602lmRemote30°IP20L 147mm x W 46mm x D 50mm
Length 28cm18.0W1204lmRemote30°IP20L 279mm x W 46mm x D 50mm

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