26 May 2020
Ely Emy Evy by Panzeri

Ely, Emy and Evy – lamps come in different sizes, different colours and different shapes but make a perfect combination when they are all together. Crystal, steel, amber, bronze, tobacco and green – multiple colour options to choose from!

The suspended collection in mat blown glass, characterized by the treatment of glass according to decoration techniques rigadin, balloton, and ballotondo which gives Ely a striped finish, Emy a rhomboidal texture and Evy a spherical pattern.

Ceiling canopy comes in mat brass polyacrylic paint and transparent electrical cable. Recessed canopy and canopies for multiple suspensions are also available.

Designed by Silvia Poma

TRILUX – Light Quality

TRILUX – Light Quality

Daylight is our ultimate reference point for good lighting, it reveals all aspects of our surroundings. Up until ...
Panzeri 1947: The Essentials

Panzeri 1947: The Essentials

Specialising in architectural and decorative lighting, Panzeri has solid all-Italian origins and a family heritage


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