16 November 2022
LC Connect & WTEC


There are increasing demands on spaces and the businesses that run them, to be more sustainable, satisfy the increased needs and wants of tenants, and be innovation leaders. Light Culture’s connected lighting solutions offer better lighting management, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Our products work with different platforms and control systems readily available in the market for all types of control and information sharing – we call this LC CONNECT.

Connected lighting combines LED lighting and information technology to extend light past just illumination, with an emphasis on light quality, increased efficiency, and data-driven insights. We are now proud to announce our strategic partnership with WTEC.io


wtec offers cutting-edge technical solutions for smart, energy-efficient buildings. This green IoT / network-powered building automation is built on a tried-and-true, well-deployed, proprietary, and one-of-a-kind technology that serves the enormous commercial real estate industry, which is rapidly demanding smart building technology. wtec provides value to facility owners, operators, and renters worldwide through hardware, software, and services.

wtec development staff work in the wtec GmbH headquarters near Frankfurt, Germany, and the wtec, Inc. offices in Silicon Valley, California, USA; commercial teams are situated in the US and India, and the company has recently partnered with Light Culture in Australia.

The unique and leading smartengine platform technology at the heart of wtec is an infrastructure for building intelligence designed to power, interconnect, and control manufacturer-neutral LED lights via conventional network cables (such as Power over Ethernet – PoE) while also integrating multifunctional sensors into this IP-based power supply infrastructure. As a result, the technology streamlines building infrastructure while also achieving considerable savings and cost benefits in operation.

The system is suitable for multiple applications including in office spaces, retail, and data centres, tenants of which are increasingly demanding intelligent buildings. The technology has been continuously engineered and developed since 2010 to provide buildings with a “skin” of senses that measure temperature, movement, occupancy, environmental, bi-directional Bluetooth and more, as well as a “neural” network for IoT devices, both of which can be accessed as real-time data via a cyber-secure open API. The wtec system has already been installed in over 500 projects and on over 1.8 million square metres of building area worldwide.

Along with wtec, we are looking forward to establishing the smartengine technology as a global standard best-in-class and highest energy efficiency lighting power and management system, sensory management system, IP-based sensor management platform and building IoT infrastructure.

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LC Connect & WTEC

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