21 February 2024
The Essence of Design Continuity


Design continuity is the thread that weaves together the visual and functional aspects of outdoor spaces, ensuring a cohesive experience. It’s about creating environments that resonate with users, blending aesthetics with practicality.

The harmony between function and aesthetics can sometimes be hard to maintain across multiple components of an exterior design. Enter Aubrilam and BEGA, two European titans in the realm of outdoor furnishings and lighting, respectively, whose collaboration is setting new benchmarks in design continuity. This partnership is more than a mere alliance; it’s a vision for transforming outdoor spaces into seamless, engaging environments where every element is of the highest quality.



  • Line and Form: How Aubrilam’s sleek lines and forms guide movement and sight, contributing to a sense of order.
  • Colour and Texture: The role of colour schemes and material textures in setting the mood and enhancing the tactile experience.


  • Balance and Proportion: Achieving visual equilibrium through the strategic placement and scaling of Aubrilam furniture.
  • Rhythm and Movement: Creating a dynamic flow within spaces that guides users through a deliberate design narrative.


  • Emphasis: Utilising Aubrilam pieces to highlight areas of interest or activity within a space.
  • Contrast: Introducing visual diversity through contrasting materials and colours, adding depth and interest.

Aubrilam’s furniture collection, with its architecturally neutral designs, perfectly embodies these principles. Their products offer a timeless elegance that complements any setting, from bustling urban parks to serene coastal promenades. This versatility is crucial in maintaining design continuity, even as architectural trends evolve.

Incorporating Aubrilam furniture into Australian outdoor spaces promises not only to elevate the visual appeal but also to enhance the functional value of these areas. Whether it’s through the strategic placement of benches that invite rest and reflection, or tables and chairs that encourage social interaction, Aubrilam’s offerings are designed to integrate seamlessly, fostering a sense of unity, and belonging.

By focusing on design continuity, Australia’s outdoor spaces can become more than just areas of transit or passive observation. They can transform into vibrant, engaging environments where every element, including furniture, contributes to a cohesive, harmonious whole. Aubrilam’s entry into the Australian market represents an exciting opportunity to champion these principles, promising outdoor spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply resonant with the values of culture, education, excellence, and sustainability.

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