16 November 2023
Elevating Safety Through Lighting

Rapid assessment of surroundings is essential around the clock in service areas – the key is the quality of the luminaires.

In the ever-evolving urban environment of Australia, user safety is a key consideration that is often compromised. BEGA luminaires are able to deliver advanced safety-related lighting solutions, while also being architecturally appealing, and with their long life span and efficiency, cost-effective. This is particularly crucial in critical service areas like fire stations, hospitals, airports, train stations, bus stops, and bustling pedestrian zones, where providing constant and reliable illumination is not just a necessity but a vital requirement.

Striving for Immediate Understanding and Unparalleled Visibility


Within the intricate fabric of city life, visibility is just the starting point. Swift orientation, immediate understanding, and the rapid identification of potential hazards, pedestrians, and other traffic users take precedence.

Discover relevant planning examples on the BEGA website:



An overview of the requirements for luminaires to ensure reliable deployment in safety-relevant areas:

  • Feeling safe: Light reduces discomfort in unfamiliar surroundings

  • Protection: Identify hazard areas with light to eliminate accident potential

  • Deterrence of Subversive Elements: Prevent “dark corners”

  • Orientation: Facilitate orientation in unknown surroundings

  • Visual Comfort: Prevent glare and create a good balance of light and shadow

  • Clarity: Areas and pathways can be clearly defined and structured and people are guided with light

  • Economical Operation: Optimal light output with minimal energy consumption

  • Reliability: Trust in BEGA’s decades of experience in developing luminaires

  • Low Maintenance: Benefit from the high-end materials and matching components used in our products


BEGA luminaires and light controls are designed and manufactured with tested and reliable components. Above-average service life and thoroughly reliable operational stability help to prevent malfunctions. As a result, the illumination is a constant factor for the illuminated area at all times: Light helps guide visitors through complex traffic areas and buildings, where footpaths are not immediately intuitive.

In addition to this safety aspect of light in the areas of service and traffic, the illumination of landmarks and structures creates a discernible identity and improves the quality of life. The lighting landscape acts as the business card of a city, company or institution.

Locals and visitors alike benefit from the strategic and value-enhancing staging of structures, central traffic points or inviting leisure areas.

Discover relevant planning examples on the BEGA website:


Sensitive areas with large numbers of passengers can quickly and unexpectedly become hazardous. System bollards with BEGA Vehicle Blocker® drive-through protection prevent vehicles becoming weapons in city centres, in front of buildings and on public squares.

The system bollard tubes with drive-through protection are installed on specifically calculated reinforced foundations and are filled with reinforced concrete.

BEGA Vehicle Blocker Bollard

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