31 August 2022
Light Along the Path

Paths connect people and places. They should be designed for practicality; to encourage movement and provide orientation in a safe environment. However, aesthetics should also be considered to enhance the urban environment and provide locational context. Path lighting that is successful is distinguished by the fact that it meets both these design and functional requirements.



Avoid Glare

Pole-top luminaires shielded from above provide optimal illumination of paths and open areas. They prevent glare in the apartments on all floors. Like light building elements with directed light, they give the space structure and a clear overview.


PROJECT: Arkadia Apartments
PRODUCT: Pole Top Luminaire

Vary the Mounting Heights

The choice of different mounting heights can provide structure and comfort. The visual variety captures the attention of the observer. Good illumination with the simultaneous shielding of light from sensitive areas (windows, patios, balconies) should be part of the planning. 


PRODUCTS: System Bollard and Light Building Element

Uniformly Soft Illumination

Soft light is the preferred choice to avoid harsh shadows at transitions or steps. It aids orientation with its high level of visual comfort. Possible trip hazards or obstacles are easily identified. Unshielded light is the preferred choice for uniform illumination in such areas. In passageways and covered areas, glare-free light from above meets all requirements. It prevents dark zones along thoroughfares and comfortably illuminates pathways.


PRODUCT: Ceiling & Wall Lighting Brick

Targeted Lighting

Targeted light beyond basic illumination accentuates important zones such as entrances.


PRODUCT: System Light Building Element

Distribute Light Intelligently

The right choice of light distribution in close proximity to the complex itself is essential. Ensuring the visual comfort of passers-by, as well as sufficient illumination with simultaneous shielding of the window areas must be taken into account in the initial concept. Bollards with a 180° distribution are suitable for illuminating paths. 360° distribution is ideal for illuminating forks in paths or open spaces.


PRODUCTS: System Bollard

Scenic Illumination

Trees, shrubs and hedges offer great opportunities for scenic illumination. In-ground luminaires blend seamlessly into the surroundings and take on this task.


PRODUCT: In Ground Luminaire


Pole Top Luminaires

Pole-top luminaires are ideal for the illumination of streets and squares. This type of luminaire is suitable for dividing up and structuring outdoor spaces. The safety aspect plays a large part in road lighting. Standards regarding the degree of illuminance and uniformity therefore apply here.


Light Building Elements

Light building elements give structure to spaces and create a pleasant ambience. Used as design elements in architecture and are particularly suitable for structuring surfaces. Their characteristics range from unshielded to asymmetrical flat beam light distribution. Light building elements meet the requirements for illuminating roads, pathways and squares. To complement light building elements, bollards have comparable design characteristics to allow a harmonious ensemble of architectural lighting.


Bollard luminaires are excellent for illuminating footpaths. They can be placed at the path’s edge to provide elegant guidance.


Light Design Elements

In addition to their lighting function, light design elements serve to structure and divide up public or private spaces and squares and best used for supplimental lighting.

Surface Mounted Facade Luminaires

Facade luminaires can be useful for paths close to buildings. They illuminate the path from their mounting positions on walls or buildings.


Recessed Wall Luminaires

Recessed wall luminaires are a great solution for the illumination of walls and façades. The use of light-dark intervals draws the eye and creates a fascinating effect. 

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